Infinite Undiscovery

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 75/100

Infinite Undiscovery Review
Developer: Tri-Ace Corporation
Publisher: Square-Enix
Format Reviewed: Xbox360
Reviewed by: Wencke Schuncken

It seems that the Xbox360 game genre expands in my favour as another Role Playing Game (RPG) has been released on this platform: Infinite Undiscovery. But does it stand up against the previous and marvellous Lost Odyssey? To me it doesn’t really matter, I’m just thrilled to step into a new adventure, come along!

Mistaken for a renowned hero, a boy named Capell and who seems to be in the middle of his puberty, is thrust into a conflict to sever the chains that bind the moon to his world. It has been ensnared by a group called the Order of Chains, led by its enigmatic leader, the Dreadknight. The Order has constructed massive chains to lock the moon in its position in the heavens. The sinister power of these chains spawns foul and deadly creatures that blight the land. Humanity cries out for salvation as the moon is normally a symbol for life, status and power, but what happens when the power turns out to bad and turns against them? You must understand that when a child is born, a lunar rite is conducted, and a lunar glyph is bestowed upon the newborn. These lunar glyphs shape the destiny of their bearers contains its own power, with the ability to heal or to harm. The phase of the moon dictates the strength of the glyph upon its receipt. Therefore the moon is special for mankind and the world needs to be saved from bad intentions. Let’s shatter those chains and release the Order of Chain’s grip on the world and people!

Infinite undiscovery is a RPG with a seamless, real-time battle system that maintains a strategic, party-orientated format. If you’re not used to the real-time RPG gameplay, but like me used to turn-based gameplay, it’s quite stressful in the “getting-used-to-gameplay” battles. For example while you’re checking out your inventory for healing potions as one of your party members is running low on Health Points, the battle goes on. So actually you don’t have time to check your inventory, change equipment, checking out the map or any other activity during the battles than fighting and connecting to party members to use their special skills to win the battle. The only option you have to get a rest is to hit the Pause button, but who wants to do that? After an hour you’re so drawn into the story and gameplay that you want to move on, keeping an eye on the moon and the number of chains that still needs to be smashed.

Without a perfect team, no chains can be destroyed. To form a party with perfect skilled members, you’ll get the chance to form a team of four members, Capell included of course as he’s the leading character. While making progress more and more characters can join, in total up to seventeen characters, which is quite a lot to choose from! Not that they all can be part in the main group of Capell, but you can choose wisely to get the best working team. Sometimes it’s necessary to form multiple teams to reach a certain goal, but again there are enough characters to choose from. It’s always wise to have strong character but also healers in your party, and to equip them with the best gear and cloths as if your life depends on it, well it does in a sense! In the female point of view later on, we’ll take a look at a couple of female characters which stand strong besides Capell (or even more powerful than him).

The graphics are very well done, but not surprising known that Squire Enix and Tri-Ace are responsible for this title. The introduction is very well done, but not as impressive as Lost Odyssey which knocked me from my feet. The design of the characters is the biggest plus, I even got the impression that the emotions are visible for us gamers, and we get more emotionally involved by understand the character feelings by the expressions. This mainly is done by their impressive eyes! Well done. Accompanied with orchestra's musical background fillers, the picture is complete. The only minus regarding the sound is when Capell gets an armour suite which is heavy and makes a lot of noise, even more than anything else around him when he’s walking. Of course it won't take too long before you get used to it and notice anymore.

We, Xbox gamers, can measure our skills by comparing achievements if we want to, and Infinite Undiscovery has a total of 1000 achievement points. These points are a little bonus if you’re performing well and meeting the achievement criteria. but I personally don’t take them to seriously, especially when it comes to comparing them with other players. But there’s another bonus system in place: the situational bonus. When you’re in a certain scenario and can handle it in a certain time range or without getting any damage, you’ll be rewarded with special items and large experience boosts to name a few examples.

From a female point of view, there are many female characters included in this game with all kinds of looks, strength and weaknesses of course. The most important female character is Aya, a girl who prefers to save the world rather than sitting on a throne without any emotions and self-awareness. She's a strong warrior which can handle a bow perfectly but also her healing powers. Another (much younger) girl is one of a twin which also joins the team quite early in the game to make contributions to the team. During the game you'll meet many more female gamers and some even seem to show up more than once, but that’s mainly because they have a crush on Capell, and therefore also react quite stupid and over the top. (maybe I’m just too old for this, although I can recognise their behaviour) Other female characters are either in love, attached to Capell or simply cannot keep their thoughts for themselves and babble too much. I'm glad that there were none of those last mentioned category in the team, otherwise I wouldn’t have ended this game as it truly was irritating, Gina! Yes, I’m talking about you girl!

With sceptical feelings about the real-time battle system, but with the love for role playing games, I’ve learned that both are a perfect match. Perhaps even better than turn-based battle system because that truly seems time consuming at this stage. The big bosses seem tough sometimes, but once you know their weaknesses and / or have the right persons in your team it shouldn’t be a problem to beat them. The overall invested time for the full game can be less than forty hours, which seems short but nowadays it’s nice to play a beautiful game and enjoying the story mode driven gameplay while there’s also time left to explore other games, especially now that the gaming season started. Another time consuming activity in RPG’s can be the levelling of characters, but in Infinite Undiscovery the characters level enough during their adventures, so no need to go into the desert and keep on hacking enemies to gather experience points for hours to level the characters (pointless gameplay in my opinion). And talking about the characters, if we could give a female character award for a game with a diverse cast of female characters, emotions and skills, this game definitely would be nominated! All in all a good, enjoyable and not too complicated RPG for all gamers out there.