Pirate Princess

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 70/100

Pirate Princess Review
Developed By: Moonpod
Published by: Moonpod.com
Format Reviewed: PC
Reviewed By: Wencke Schuncken

Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream….but not for Lucy Tuttle in the PC game Pirate Princess. She hardly has time to sing a song or sail at ease as a lot is at stake; her father could be in danger! Let’s move on… ahoy!

The transformation of a young rebellion girl into a dangerous pirate, who roams the seas, isn’t so hard. Especially when a stepmother is involved telling Lucy Tuttle what to do with her life and who wants to sent her to a finishing school for girls. Lucy doesn’t agree and states that even her father wouldn’t allow such a thing. But her father is in the Bahamas for business and that gives the stepmother the right to control Lucy’s life. No, that’s not going to happen, as Lucy runs away and takes the first ship sailing away from the port, hopefully on its way to the merchant ship of her father.

As soon as the ship is at sea, it will encounter many ships on its voyage as the Caribbean is full of pirates. The first action for Lucy is to change her outfit into something more appropriate, something in which she can fight without having to worry about her expensive dress. This is the transformation into a pirate, although she hasn’t got the pirate skills yet. But she’ll learn how to fight and deal with enemy pirates who think they can take over the ship. While she’s trying to find the Good Grace, the ship of her father, many pirates and characters with bad intentions will come on her path (of water). And although she’s looking for the Good Grace, could it be that it is the wrong ship she’s after?

It’s quite an adventure to find her dad. By sailing, she’ll encounter enemy pirates which can be defeated in a battle of words. It’s not that Lucy can talk so much that the enemies run away or fall asleep by listening to her. No, it’s a word challenging gameplay in which the player needs to create words. Create words as quickly as possible from a mix of 9 characters. Each word created, contains a number of attack points which are being dealt to the enemy. Some characters used in a word deal more damage, comparable with scrabble where the Y is more valuable than an E. The importance of a character is visible with little stars / dots below the character. When you make words which are common to pirates such as mast, fire, rat, you can use a canon and fire big time at your opponent.

Words can be created and entered by clicking on the individual characters with your mouse, or entered with your keyboard which is a lot faster, thus the ship you’re attacking will be destroyed faster. By destroying enemy ships, you’ll be rewarded with gold and battle experience points. Also your reputation grows slightly. This is important to upgrade to a new rank. With new ranks you can upgrade 4 groups:

1. Enhancement to give an attack-, defense boost and more to be unlocked later on in the game.
2. Restorations for a defense boost.
3. Delay which let you lock letters instead of getting new ones after they have been used.
4. Interfering with the opponent’s game by stealing characters, and to use an attack-, defense drain.

Also you can ad free points to your account and divide / add them to upgrade your attack, defense and repair capability. But not that’s not all; At the harbor’ markets, you can get all kinds of extra items which can be used during battle such as instant repairs, extra characters and stealing of opponent’s characters. Actually everything that can be unlocked is also available in the markets. And while you’re at the harbor, check if there’s a new mission available or if the ship needs to be repaired before you raise the sails again to continue your adventure. When you lose a battle, your ship is damaged and its cargo plundered, just the way like you normally would do to your enemies. Also your reputation suffers slightly. But there’s a positive outcome by losing a battle: in battle you’ve dealt damage to your opponent and therefore gain battle experience points.

Lady Pirate Lucy starts her journey on a sloop, a very small ship with fore and aft rig on one mast, plus the ability to carry twenty men of crew. They won’t help you though in creating words, but they are very useful to repair your ship! When your’re not involved in a battle, you probably hang ashore. Don’t forget to visit the taverns (the rotted gut for example) where you meet pirates who speak of the code that it’s forbidden to speak to non-pirates unless of course you pay them. So sail the seas to attract enemies, steal their gold and return to the tavern to get on with your main goal, finding Lucy’s father. By completing missions your rank will increase, your gold income will increase, your reputation will increase and you’ll be able to buy Lucy new, better and bigger ships which can deal and collect much more damage.

From a female point of view, Lucy is a rebel. She looks like a sophisticated young lady, but truly has a will of her own. She doesn’t like to be threatened in a bad way, and makes sure that justice is served. While she’s sailing the seas, a transformation takes place and she turns to be quite a lady pirate with excellent pirate skills. Lucy doesn’t think of herself as a pirate but more a smuggler to reach her goals. Well, to reach a goal, sometimes sacrifices have to be made …

Lucy, Lady Lucy, Pirate Princess, Lady Pirate, the master of the sword .. ehm .. I mean words. Not many women would risk their lives on the high seas, but you did a wonderful job. It was my pleasure to serve as being a part of the crew. You took me on an adventure which is more than just searching for your dad and dealing with the baddies. That was just the beginning of a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure. Not many women would risk their lives on the high seas, but we did it and proud of what we achieved!

I suggest setting sail to Moonpod's website where you can download your own copy for € 13.95 / $ 19.95 / £ 11.95 Even if English isn’t your native language, with the varied difficulty modes it can please a huge audience. Ahoy!