Fable III

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 85/100

Fable 3 Review
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft
Format Reviewed: Xbox360
Reviewed by: Wencke Schuncken

Where was I when the marketing strategy took off for Fable 3? I cannot recall, but whenever a Fable game is going to be released it is hyped till heaven (or hell, whatever you prefer). But not this time, and I wondered why? It is time to step into a new Fable adventure, for better or for worse.

 Fable III female gamers review

Once upon a time a great female Hero made sure that Albion became a flourished land in which people enjoyed peace, prosperity and there was a rapid pace of technological development. The great Hero had two children, and in the course of time the reins of power passed to the eldest child, Logan, an intelligent and decisive man. He ruled the kingdom with a strong hand. Over time, Logan’s policies, and his troops, have become ever more unforgiving. His people started to lament the passing of the old ruler. Some have begun to whisper a powerful and dangerous word; revolution. This is where your adventure starts; this is when the first choices have to be made, when the first questions are raised, whether you’re the old Hero’s son or daughter. From this point on, the decisions you make will shape you further. One of the most difficult questions is if you are able to raise enough money to save Albion and its citizens.

Welcome future ruler of Albion, a kingdom “flourishing” in the industrial age, where machines are taking over production and children are forced to work in a very dirty environment. Yikes! This is not the place you want to hang out for too long, but maybe you can change the situation. Together with your loyal dog it’s time to make something out of Albion, whether a hated or a beloved place. The main gameplay is about making decisions for good or worse, doing all kinds of quests, fight evil enemies and trying to be a famous blacksmith, pie maker or a lute hero. The main quest is to save Albion against a dark, brutal attack. Do you have the power to succeed?

 Fable III female gamers review

The surest way to develop your personal power is by performing quests. Besides the main quests to reach the destructive end, there are over forty side quests. There’s certainly a lot of fun to do, such as searching for evil gnomes, seducing a married man, finding a missing child, collecting a book for two ghosts, bring a thief back to a guard, etc. While going on a quest, you’ll face lots of enemies such as wolves, Balverines, merceneries, hobbes, sand furies, shadows, bats and even demon chickens! You better be prepared to face them with equel powers. The character can use its melee skills, gunplay and magic to defeat the evil (as if you’re a little angel…) Even your loyal dog, which accompanies you, helps out by alerting when danger is ahead and even attacks enemies. By defeating enemies, achieving the quest’s goals but also interacting with citizens (by doing a chicken impression, tickling, dancing, talking, kissing and giving gifts), you’ll be rewarded with Guid Seals. These Seals can be spend to unlock abilities and upgrades such as dealing more damage in combat, become a better pie maker, black smith or Lute Hero, and to unlock a makeup ability. Hurray for that last option, it’s all worthwhile … ahum…

Fable contains a lot of female characters and the most important one is your character; The Princess of Albion (if you have chosen a female character of course at the start of the game). In my version, my mother was the great Hero, ruler of Albion. Maybe because my character in Fable II was also female and there is a connection between the saved file and the new game. Two other important female characters are Page and Kalin. Page leads the Bowerstone Resistance Movement against your brother. Page puts her resistance duties above all else, having witnessed firsthand the injustice and suffering that Logan has imposed on the common folk. Kalin is the leader of the Aurorans and will join the Hero in the revolution in exchange for rebuiliding Aurora and for its protection. She is one of the few survivors of a furious attack five years ago. One year after the attack, she met Logan, who promised to protect Aurora from this dark entity. Instead, he broke his promise and left Aurora to its fate. But you will make a new promise, but do you stick with it?

 Fable III female gamers review

The morality of your actions will change you physically over time. Want to become a good person, make sure to help people in need and defeat evildoers. Act selfishly, kill innocents, and make villager’ lives harder and your appearance turns evil, dark and twisted. More changes to the physical appearance is created by making correct energy / food choices. We all are aware that fat food put on weight. Eat a pie to gain energy and the pounds are on! No matter how many miles you run or walk after eating it, you won’t drop those pounds. But more changes are going on: Melee combat makes you brawny, gunplay makes you tall and magic gives you a glow. Take a beating in combat and the skin will become scarred. You can customize appearance by changing clothing, hairstyle, tattoos, makeup and facial hair. Yes even as a female character you can have a beard! Later on the game it’s even possible to dye the color of your garments or your hair.

Fable III female gamers review

Money Money Money! It’s good to have money, even better to earn more money. With jobs (mini games) like a black smith, pie maker and lute hero, you can make some money. Also by digging up treasures, and opening treasure chests, your money vault will increase. The best option though is to rob people if you’re evil. Otherwise being an entrepreneur or a landlord is quite profitable. Buy, own and repair shops and houses to make money. Each 5 minutes profit from rent or shops is being transferred automatically to your account. But keep one house totally for yourself, don’t rent it as you need it to get a husband and eventually kids by having unprotected sex or adoption. Quite an emancipation as the female character has to arrange the house, the wedding rings, and propose. But hey, nothing less for my man Davo the male whore. Yes, that’s his true name. He has a big mustache, and wares nothing besides a cape and a pink thong!

Share the fun! Use the same Xbox360 with another gamer as a second hero or play online via Xbox LIVE. Play the adventure together and keep what you earn together, including Guild Seals, gold and other treasures. It’s also possible to give each other gifts, even a wedding ring when proposing. Get married, have children, but when you split up who’s taking care after the children? Oh sure, the nanny! Maybe a business partnership is better as it allows splitting the costs of items. Be careful on who is joining, as an evil gamer can have an evil impact on your world while you’re trying to be Angel Number ONE in your world. Imagine that the other player start slashing your citizens? Stay positive about the co-op! One of the best things of co-op in this new installment of Fable III is that a visitor is free to explore the host’s entire world and is not restricted to stay side by side with the host. Freedom at last!

Fable III female gamers review

It’s always tough to make the right decisions, and in the end you know if they were right or wrong. Thank goodness it is only a game and you can always start over, try to be another type of hero, or make a better way of saving money before the end is near. In reality it is also though to make the right choices and saving money. But that should not apply for this game: there’s only one good choice to make; buy it and explore another marvelous adventure, whether alone or with another hero.