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Fable Anniversary Review
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Mon Feb 17 2014, 03:20pm
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Fable Anniversary Female Gamer Review
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft
Format Reviewed: Xbox360
Reviewed by: Wencke Schuncken

Welcome back “Chicken Chaser” or hello new Fable adventurer! Are you ready for the re-mastered version of the 2004 original Fable game? It’s called Fable Anniversary (what’s in a name?) and not only is it a rerelease of the first installment in the Fable series but also includes Fable: the Lost Chapters.

Note: this review is more based on comparison then real content. For more information about content en gameplay, please read our reviews here:
Fable: website
Fable The Lost Chapters: website

Already ten years ago gamers had the first Fable experience and enjoyed the wonderful Role Playing adventure and some were disappointed after discovering that the gameplay (story-mode) was rather short and easy. You can count me in with the category enthusiastic players and was really impressed by the story, the graphics and the gameplay. And even one year later I still had the urge to experience it again. But hold on, the developers stayed on working on fable as they wanted to resolve the gamers’ complaints and wanted to expand it. They named the game Fable the Lost Chapters; an expansion of a glorious game. After this expansion Fable II, Fable III and Fable the Journey were released. All good games, but for me the magic was in the first Fable games, and therefore thrilled when Fable Anniversary was announced.

As soon as I started the game, it felt like coming home. Really comfortable and I was really looking forward to experience the adventures again with HD visuals and audio. Actually the first focus was if I could detect differences in the style of graphics, but you get so sucked into the gameplay and the choices which need to be made by the character, that I stopped trying looking for actual better graphics. And do not forget, 10 years in the land of games is a long time ago to remember the real details. But it’s obvious; the graphic design didn’t aged very well. The new textures and the lighting usage are an improvement to explore the world of Albion and its lovely woods, villages and countryside areas. Not only had the environment a bit of graphical make-over but also the characters are improved and get a more recognizable transformation based on their actions. Yes, remember the feature that choices being made during the game change your character and its look eventually (Good or Evil) based on the morality meter?! So if you look precisely, there are graphical changes, whether it’s the sunlight in sparkling water, or the shadows in the woods.

If you want proof to compare multiple screenshots of the original Fable game, make sure to use the ”Fable Anniversary” SmartGlass Companion App. Use it on your IPad or phone and directly compare Fable Anniversary against the original game. Then it will be obviously that the game has been remastered! And speaking of SmartGlass, it also contains other smart features, not just the “try to find the ten graphical differences”. Maybe the most useful is the fully interactable map, which the gamer can consult instead of opening the in-game inventory to check the map. Extra game-time saved and it gives the gamer the feeling of being a true adventurer. For more information about the key characters, their bio can be read when they meet them in-game. It even gives you hints of where to find treasures (silver keys, where art thou?). A true handy app, but do you want to put your controller aside to check out the app?

One of the biggest complaints about Fable was the loading times. And there are loads of them, a pure gamer’s test on patience. For example whenever your character enters a new section in the world of Albion, it takes a couple of seconds too long before you can move on. This hasn’t been improved though, unfortunately. Besides this minus aspect, let’s try to focus on more positive features without loading interruptions in this review. One of the biggest triggers to play Fable again is to show off how good or evil you are by earning achievements, something which didn’t existed in 2004 on the Xbox. And Fable The Lost Chapters are included to add hours and hours of adventurous Role Playing fun.

Other improvements are the brand-new interface and save system. This version has a new user interface system that’s designed to simplify and make it faster and easier to explore the rich world of Fable and its menus. There’s an all-new save system to provide the player with the ability to save anytime, anywhere, including during quests. Just excellent, even though we always want to play for hours and hours without saving and quitting. The brand-new interface is an optional scheme and very easy to find the information you’re searching for, pronto! The humor and British accents are preserved, even noticeable in some achievement which can be unlocked. No spoilers here, lad! Last but not lease, the game contains a new control scheme with less attack buttons and a simpler combat formula. This lowers the amount of mistakes a player can make during a fight. The auto-lock function can be functional but you will see that it sometimes focusses on the wrong enemy, unfortunately. An extra focus change s then needed which distract you from the fight a bit.

Fable is one of the best RPG games eve released on the original Xbox, and now gamers can experience the remastered version on the Xbox 360. With updated graphics / design and new features it tops the original game for sure. You may question if the ”Fable Anniversary” SmartGlass Companion App is a useful extra feature, but no questions need to be raised about the updated control scheme and the game interface as they work just perfectly! All in all, you can state that Fable aged very well and Fable Anniversary contains the best of the original game with extra content of the Los Chapters and extra features. Shame though that one of the biggest distractions of loading times didn’t get a kick under the butt. So patience is still in place, dear “cannot wait” gamer. But let’s face it; the waiting to play the best version of Fable on the Xbox360 is over.
In Fable it’s the choice of being good or evil. In real life it’s now the choice to get this game or leave it in the store. What’s it going to be? Only a true adventurous hero knows the answer.

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